Canton of Schwyz


With 20 out of 100 possible points the canton Schwyz is on position 22 in Switzerland in the final group of the cantons, but only in the lower range of the scale. Compared to last year, the score has deteriorated by 5 points, as a result of which the canton has deteriorated by 2 places.

For the opinion formation dimension (discussing, learning, monitoring), he achieves a score of 50 (+17), for the co-creation dimension (consulting, voice opinions), it achieves a score of 12 (-25) and for the decision dimension (identifying and voting) a value of 12 (+/- 0; Please note that there has been a change in the coding scheme for the ’eVoting’ indicator in this dimension, which is why the values stated here for the previous year cannot be compared directly with those of the previous year’s profile).

There are also considerable differences between the individual tools. The range between the lowest and highest value is very high with 75 points.

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There are cantonal channels on social media. (;;;; Therefore, 2 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 2 points.

political e-education

The cantonal website (section Staatskanzlei) provides for some very lean general information on how elections work (mainly links to other websites) and links to voteinfo. Interestingly, the SVP asked for more civic education in schools, however, the cantonal government did not want to accept such a motion (Postulat P 18/22). The government refers to easyvote. Other online resources are not deemed necessary. The Postulat has not been voted yet in Parliament. VAAs such as smartvote are being used on a regular basis. (; Therefore, 3 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 3 points.


Nothing changed in comparison to 2022. They have an open data portal with an API, some election results data in there." (;; Therefore, 4 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 4 points.


Currently the e-Mitwirkung Website of the canton states that there is no e-consultation pending: The SVP in 2022 stated they like e-Mitwirkung as a tool: ; seems like only via email in 2023 ( Therefore, 1 points are assigned. Bonus and Malus: Use: NA (NA). For this 0.2 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 1.2 points.


No activity for Schwyz on openpetition, nothing on petitio but one petition on act.campax. Petitions can not be handed in electronically. (; Therefore, 2 points are assigned. Bonus and Malus: Inclusiveness: NA ( NA ). For this -0.2 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 2 points.


no e-government platfrom or eID yet but plans to build up e-government portal. There is a position paper for a digital administration now. (; Therefore, 1 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 1 points.


There is a legal basis but Schwyz is against the continuation of internet voting trials. ( Therefore, 2 points are assigned.

In total, the canton receives 2 points (There was an adjustment in the coding scheme: As eVoting is now available again prior experiences only result in 2 points instead of 3).

State of the research: August 2, 2023

For assessments of the possible development potential of the canton, please contact us via e-mail or contact form.